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The California Kid

jack richard producer town

(ABC, 9/25/1974, 90 mins). After a number of speeders have deliberately been sent to their deaths by a psychotic sheriff in a small-town speed trap, the brother of a recent victim rolls into town in his hot rod and forces the lawman into a high speed duel. Real-life brothers Martin Sheen and Joe Estevez played fictional brothers and future star Nick Nolte had a small role as a local punk in this one, billed by ABC Television as its 200th “Movie of the Week” at its premiere showing.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard T. Heffron. Executive Producer Paul Mason. Producer Howie Hurwitz. Teleplay Richard Compton. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music Luchi De Jesus. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Martin Sheen (Michael McCord), Vic Morrow (Sheriff Roy Childress), Michelle Phillips (Maggie), Stuart Margolin (Deputy), Nick Nolte (Buzz Stafford), Janit Baldwin (Sissy), Gary Morgan (Lyle Stafford), Joe Estevez (Don McCord), Donald Mantooth (Jack), Frederic Downs (Judge Hooker), Michael Richardson (Charley), Norman Bartold (Howard), Britt Leach (Johnny), Barbara Collentine (Edith), Gavan O’Herlihy (Tom), Jack McCulloch (Pete), Ken Johnson (Harlie), Sandy Brown Wyeth (Leona), Trent Dolan (Stranger), Monika Henreid (Gerry).

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