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The Call of the Wild

john producer dog prospector

(NBC, 5/22/1976, 120 mins). Jack London’s classic tale of two men, a trapper and a prospector, who, with the aid of a magnificent dog, battle the frozen Klondike in an effort to reach gold country. Clark Gable had starred in William Wellman’s 1935 version, and Charlton Heston headed a multinational cast in the 1974 remake. James Dickey, author of “Deliverance,” wrote the teleplay for this version.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, NBC Productions. Director Jerry Jameson. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Malcolm Stuart. Teleplay James Dickey. Based on the Novel by Jack London. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Peter Matz. Editor Tom Stevens. Production Designer Joel Schiller. Associate Producer Tony Ganz.

Cast John Beck (John Thornton), Bernard Fresson (Francois), John McLiam (Prospector), Donald Moffat (Simpson), Michael Pataki (Stranger), Penelope Windust (Rosemary), Billy Green Bush (Redsweater), Johnny Tillotson (Guitar player), Ray Guth (Will), Dennis Burkley (Stoney), Larry Golden (1st clod), Paul Harper (2nd clod), Jim Bohan (Dog trainer), Joaquin Martinez (Manuel), Raymond Singer (1st man), John Pearce (2nd man), René Enriquez (Cook), Marvin Miller (Narrator).

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