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Captain America

doctor lou producer steve

(CBS, 1/19/1979, 120 mins). The legendary comic-strip crimefighter’s ex-Marine son takes up where his dad left off, righting wrongs, defending the American ideal, and pursuing an arch-criminal who plans to decimate Phoenix with a neutron bomb in this pilot for a proposed series.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Rod Holcomb. Executive Producer Allan Balter. Producer Martin Goldstein. Teleplay Don Ingalls. Based on a Story by Chester Krumholz, Don Ingalls. Photography Ronald W. Browne. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Editor Michael S. Murphy. Art Director Lou Montejano.

Cast Reb Brown (Steve Rogers), Len Birman (Dr. Simon Mills), Heather Menzies (Dr. Wendy Day), Steve Forrest (Lou Brackett), Robin Mattson (Tina Hayden), Joseph Ruskin (Rudy Sandrini), Lance LeGault (Harley), Frank Marth (Charles Barber), Chip Johnson (Jerry), Dan Barton (Jeff Hayden), Nocana Aranda (Throckmorton), Michael McManus (Ortho), James Ingersoll (Lester Wiant), Jim B Smith (FBI Assistant), Ken Chandler (1st doctor), Jason Wingreen (2nd doctor), Buster Jones (3rd doctor), June Dayton (Secretary), Diana Webster (Nurse).

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