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A Case of Rape

officer director bracken producer

(NBC, 2/20/1974, 120 mins). A tough drama about a middle-class housewife whose rape experience made her feel not only humiliation but the feeling that she was the guilty party following her husband’s waning trust and the harsh courtroom interrogation leading to sympathy for the accused. The sensitive performance by Elizabeth Montgomery earned her an Emmy nomination (director Boris Sagal and editor Richard Bracken also received one) for this acclaimed movie that, at the time, became the second highest rated made-for-television film ever.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Boris Sagal. Executive Producer David Levinson. Producer Louis Rudolph. Teleplay Robert E. Thompson. Based on a Story by Louis Rudolph. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music Hal Mooney. Editor Richard Bracken. Art Director George C. Webb. Associate Producer Steve Heilpern.

Cast Elizabeth Montgomery (Ellen Harrod), William Daniels (Leonard Alexander), Cliff Potts (Larry Retzliff), Rosemary Murphy (Muriel Dyer), Ronny Cox (David Harrod), Patricia Smith (Marge Bracken), Ken Swofford (Detective Riley), Jonathan Lippe (Detective Parker), Robert Karnes (Judge), Charles Macaulay (Dr. Marsden), Mario Gallo (Photographer), Lionel Johnston (Officer Kimbel), Anthony Carbone (Officer Carbone), Victor Izay (Night school instructor), Davis Roberts (Officer Kane), Dennis Robertson (1st orderly), J Jay Saunders (2nd orderly), Polly Middleton (Judy), Tom Selleck (Stan), Sandy Kenyon, Gerald Hiken, Debbie Lytton.

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