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The Cat Creature

cramer douglas wilford john

ABC, 12/11/1973, 90 mins). In this chiller, a valentine of sorts to the fondly remembered horror B-movie, the theft of an amulet from the mummy of an Egyptian priestess sets off a reign of terror that involves an archeology professor, a mysterious shopkeeper, a pretty salesgirl, and an Oriental thief.

Production Companies Douglas S. Cramer Productions, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Curtis Harrington. Producer Douglas S. Cramer. Teleplay Robert Bloch. Based on a Story by Douglas S. Cramer, Robert Bloch, Wilford Lloyd Baumes. Photography Charles Rosher. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Stan Ford. Art Director Cary Odell, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Wilford Lloyd Baumes.

Cast Meredith Baxter (Rena Carter), David Hedison (Roger Edmonds), Gale Sondergaard (Hester Black), John Carradine (Hotel Clerk), Stuart Whitman (Lieutenant Marco), Renne Jarrett (Sherry Hastings), Keye Luke (Thief), Kent Smith (Frank Lucas), Milton Parsons (Deputy coroner), John Abbott (Dr. Reinhart), Peter Lorre Jr. (Pawnshop clerk), Virgil Frye (Donovan), William Sims (Bert).

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