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The Catcher

david car mike producer

(NBC, 6/2/1972, 120 mins). A Seattle ex-cop and a Harvard graduate team up to locate fugitives, errant husbands and other missing persons, and are hired to undertake a cross-country search for a runaway coed in this pilot that never caught on. This modern bounty hunter-themed film was made in 1970.

Production Companies HBL Productions, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Allen H. Miner. Producer Herbert B. Leonard. Teleplay David Freeman. Photography Irving Lippman. Music Bill Walker. Song “Half Moon, Half Sun” written and performed by Jackie DeShannon. Song “Not For Long” written and performed by Kiel Martin. Editor Sigmund Neufeld Jr. Art Director Ross Bellah. Production Executive Stanley Neufeld.

Cast Michael Witney (Noah Hendricks), Jan-Michael Vincent (Sam Callendar), Anthony Franciosa (Joe Cade), Catherine Burns (Sara Faber), Anne Baxter (Kate), Mike Kellin (Mike Keller), David Wayne (Armand Faber), Kiel Martin (Wes Watkins), Jackie DeShannon (Amy Lee Cade), Andrew Robinson (Andy), Marshall Efron (Shooting gallery attendant), Red Piano (Himself), Naomi Thornton (Woman in car), Jacqueline Bertrand (Jewelry saleslady), David Williams (Young clerk), Eugene Ray Katz (Arcade manager), Lou Criscuolo (Fruit vendor), Reuben Figueroa (Billy Figueroa), Reggie Baff (Car rental girl), Rehn Scofield (Record producer), Kay Mason (Memphis tourist lady).

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