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Centennial (NBC, 10/8/1978, 2 hours)

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(NBC, 10/8/1978, 2 hours). Chapter 2, “The Yellow Apron,” spanning the years 1809 through 1830, finds Pasquinel, in the midst of a quest for gold, raising two sons by the Arapaho woman named Clay Basket and then returning to St. Louis for a bittersweet union with the wife, a gruff silversmith’s daughter, he left there.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Virgil W. Vogel. Producer Howard Alston. Teleplay John Wilder. Photography Duke Callaghan. Music John Addison. Editor Howard Deane. Production Designer Jack Senter. Art Director Mark Mansbridge.

Cast Robert Conrad (Pasquinel), Richard Chamberlain (Alexander McKeag), Raymond Burr (Herman Bockweiss), Sally Kellerman (Lise Brockweiss), Barbara Carrera (Clay Basket), Chief Dan George (Old Sioux), Vincent Roberts (Jacques Pasquinel at age 15), Jamie MacDonald (Jacques Pasquinel at ages 6-9), Stephen McHattie (Adult Jacques Pasquinel), Kario Salem (Marcel Pasquinel), Robert Easton (Major Sibley), Marta Brennan (Mary Sibley), Reb Brown (Jim Bridger), Gordon Steel (Gordon McPherson), Carl Franklin (Jim Beckworth), Stuart Silbar (Colonel Hanley), John Kings (Englishman), Stephen Andrade (First Arapaho).

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