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Centennial (NBC, 11/4/1978, 2 hours)

mercy john pasquinel everett

(NBC, 11/4/1978, 2 hours). In Chapter 4, “For as Long as the Waters Flow’’ (set during 1846 through 1860), cavalry officer Maxwell Mercy (Chad Everett) tries to contend with broken treaties that have imperiled relations between Indians, settlers and the army.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Paul Krasny. Producer Malcolm R. Harding. Teleplay Jerry Ziegman. Photography Duke Callaghan. Music John Addison. Editor John Elias. Production Designer Jack Senter. Art Directors Mark Mansbridge, Lou Montejano.

Cast Richard Chamberlain (Alexander McKeag), Sally Kellerman (Lise Bockweiss), Barbara Carrera (Clay Basket), Gregory Harrison (Levi Zendt), Cristina Raines (Lucinda McKeag), Chad Everett (Maj. Maxwell Mercy), Alex Karras (Hans Brumbagh), Stephen McHattie (Jake Pasquinel), Kario Salem (Mike Pasquinel), Pernell Roberts (Gen. Leben Asher), Mark Harmon (Lt. John McIntosh), James Sloyan (Spade Larkin), Karen Carlson (Lysette Mercy), Jorge Rivero (Broken Thumb), Barney McFadden (Lt. Abel Tanner), Gene Otis (Stringer), Christopher Lowell (Keefe), Burt Douglas (Capt. William Ketchum), Robert L. Somers (Sergeant).

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