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Centennial (NBC, 1/28/1979, 2 hours)

john wendell zendt producer

(NBC, 1/28/1979, 2 hours). Chapter 10, “The Winds of Fortune,” finds the half-breed granddaughter of French-Canadian trader Pasquinel coming to town from St. Louis causing romance between the widow of Centennial’s leading rancher and her unpolished foreman she’s hoping to lasso to hit a snag. She arrives around the time that a family of Mexican immigrants is welcomed to town, somewhat reluctantly, and the con artist family patriarch enters the real estate business and begins amassing a fortune.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Harry Falk. Supervising Producer Richard Caffey. Producer Malcolm R. Harding. Teleplay Charles Larson. Photography Charles W. Short. Music John Addison. Editor John Elias. Production Designer Jack Senter. Art Director Loyd S. Papez.

Cast Lynn Redgrave (Charlotte), William Atherton (Jim Lloyd), Brian Keith (Sheriff Axel Dumire), Lois Nettleton (Maude Wendell), Cliff DeYoung (John Skimmerhorn), Cristina Raines (Lucinda Zendt), Adrienne LaRussa (Clemma Zendt), Alex Karras (Hans Brumbaugh), Jesse Vint (Amos Calendar), Rafael Campos (Nacho Gomez), A Martinez (Tranquilino), Anthony Zerbe (Mervin Wendell), Doug McKeon (Philip Wendell), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Norris), Deborah Trissell (Miss Keller), Joaquin Martinez (Captain Salcedo), Julio Medina (Father Graves), Jacques Hampton (Doctor), Gordon Hurst (Clay), Claude Earl Jones (Matt).

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