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Centennial (NBC, 2/3/1979, 2 hours)

grebe wendell william producer

(NBC, 2/3/1979, 2 hours). Chapter 11, “The Winds of Death,” finds Depression Era drought, dust storms, and mortgage foreclosures plaguing homesteading families, Mexican immigrants urging the owners of the leading ranch to halt bigotry, and several land dealings turning into dubious value.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Bernard McEveety. Supervising Producer Richard Caffey. Producer Malcolm R. Harding. Teleplay Jerry Ziegman. Photography Duke Callaghan. Music John Addison. Editor Ralph Schoenfeld. Production Designer Jack Senter. Art Director Loyd S. Papez.

Cast Lynn Redgrave (Charlotte Lloyd), William Atherton (Jim Lloyd), Alex Karras (Hans Brumbaugh), Anthony Zerbe (Mervin Wendell), Lois Nettleton (Maude Wendell), Julie Sommars (Alice Grebe), Claude Jarman (Earl Grebe), Bo Brundin (Magnes Volkema), Lynn Borden (Vesta Volkema), Morgan Paull (Philip Wendell), Geoffrey Lewis (Sheriff Bogardus), William Bogert (Walter Bellamy), Darrell Fetty (Burns), Alan Vint (Beeley Garrett), A Martinez (Tranquilino), Silvana Gallardo (Serafina), Bryon Gilbert (Elmo Perace), Alex Colon (Father Vigil), Dana Elcar (Judge), Mina Vasquez (Soledad Marquez), Dennis Dimster (Timmy Grebe), Michael Goodrow (Ethan Grebe), Eric Server (Young Truinfador), Steve Shaw (Paul Garrett), Alan Caillou (Booth Clibborn), Rachel Orr (Victoria Grebe), Allan Hunt (Stanford), Jeremy Duke (Truinfador Marquez), Rory Dennis MacDonald (Cisco Calendar at age 9).

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