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The Chadwick Family

hawthorne david john tsaung

(ABC, 4/17/1974, 90 mins). After many years with “My Three Sons,” Fred MacMurray made his TV movie debut in this pilot about a concerned father whose brood consists of one son, three daughters, two sons-in-law, and the Chinese-American boyfriend of the youngest girl. The revised concept worked better later as “Eight Is Enough.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay John Gay. Based on a Story by David Victor, John Gay. Photography Walter Strenge. Music Hal Mooney. Editor Richard G. Wray. Art Director Howard E. Johnson.

Cast Fred MacMurray (Ned Chadwick), Kathleen Maguire (Valerie Chadwick), Darlene Carr (Joan Chadwick McTaggart), Jane Actman (Lisa Chadwick), Stephen Nathan (Tim Chadwick), Lara Parker (Eileen Chadwick Hawthorne), John Larch (Fargo), Alan Fudge (Alex Hawthorne), Frank Michael Liu (Lee Wu-Tsaung), Barry Bostwick (Duffy McTaggart), Carlena Gower (Cindy Hawthorne), Kim Durso (Sara Hawthorne), Eben George (Jimmy Hawthorne), Margaret Lindsay (Elly), Walter Brooke (Dr. Simon), Pat Li (Madame Wu-Tsaung), Bruce Boxleitner (Danny), Judson Morgan (Garvey), Elliott Montgomery (Mr. Villars), Ray Ballard (Taxi driver), Sharon Cintron (Nurse), Carle Bensen (Dr. Eisenberg), Morton Lewis (Herbie).

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