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The Challenge

soldier captain country mako

ABC, 2/10/1970, 90 mins). This offbeat war movie has an armed conflict between the United States and an Asian country reduced to the lowestcommon denominator, with one surrogate soldier from each country (Darren McGavin and Mako) in a fight to the death on a deserted island.

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Michael Toshiyuki Uno. Producers Ed Palmer, Jay Cipes. Teleplay Marc Norman. Photography John M Nicholaus. Music Harry Geller. Editors Joe Gluck, Stanford Tischler. Art Directors Ed Graves, Jack Martin Smith.

Cast Darren McGavin (Jacob Gallery), Broderick Crawford (Gen. Lewis Meyers), Mako (Yuro), James Whitmore (Overman), Skip Homeier (Lyman George), Paul Lukas (Dr. Nagy), Sam Elliott (Bryant), Adolph Caesar (Clarence Opano), Andre Philippe (Swiss official), Arianhe Ulmer (Sarah), Davis Roberts (Scientist), Byron Morrow (Defense Secretary), Bill Zuckert (Army colonel), Joseph Bernard (Doctor), Gene Lebell (Karate instructor), Lew Brown (Sergeant), Eddie Guardino (Soldier), Garry Walberg (Submarine captain), Bill Quinn (Marine colonel), Michael Hinn (Army captain).

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