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The Challengers

john mcgavin huggins march

(CBS, 2/20/1970, 120 mins). Racing drivers compete here for the Grand Prix. Filmed in March 1968, it originally was scheduled for airing on March 28, 1969, but was preempted because of the death of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ironically, the film starring Darren McGavin ended up premiering just days after a similarly titled McGavin movie, “The Challenge.”

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Leslie Martinson. Producer Roy Huggins. Teleplay Dick Nelson. Based on a Story by John Thomas James, Robert Hamner. Photography Jack Marta. Music Pete Rugolo. Editors Edward A. Biery, Nick Archer. Art Director John T McCormack. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Darren McGavin (Jim McCabe), Sean Garrison (Cody Scanlon), Nico Minardos (Paco), Anne Baxter (Stephanie York), Richard Conte (Ritchie), Farley Granger (Nealy), Juliet Mills (Mary McCabe), Sal Mineo (Angel de Angelo), Susan Clark (Catherine Burroughs), Michael Evans (Jules), William Sylvester (Brad York), John Holland (Ambrose), Alan Caillou (Bryan Toomey).

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