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(NBC, 1/15/1979, 120 mins). A tacky road-company version of “Gone With the Wind” involving a Southern belle (Delta Burke) who is determined to hang onto her aristocratic family’s mansion following the Civil War. Its dubious distinction comes from its feminist viewpoint and the fact that its producer, director and writer were women (the last died before completing it) and that its stars were virtual unknowns.

Production Companies Robert Stigwood Productions, RSO Television. Director Karen Arthur. Producer Beryl Vertue. Teleplay Nancy Lynn Schwartz. Photography Ric Waite. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Bud Friedgen. Production Designer Tom H. John.

Cast Delta Burke (Stella Farrell), Jordan Clarke (Gregg Morgan), Richard Lawson (James Harris), Lynne Moody (Minerva), Patricia Pearcy (Valerie Criss), Martha Scott (Mrs. Farrell [Aunt Louisa]), Mandy Patinkin (Beaudine Croft), Richard Bradford (Cluskey), Lucille Benson (Miss Fay), Ben Halley Jr. (Gabriel), Dennis Burkley (Tom Doder), Ancel Cook (Reverend Dr. Palmer), Alan McRae (Lieutenant Beeson), Rockne Tarkington (Reverend Duchamp), William Norren (Major Day), Sam Cotton (Ned Wilson), Charles ‘Honi’ Coles (Old Shady), Robert Easton (Reverend Allen), Eddie Hailey (Luke), Joseph Chapman (Bank teller), Nelson Welch (Old Durban), Mike Adams (1st soldier), Will Sherwood (2nd soldier), George Ranito Jordan (3rd soldier), Eric Boles (Young Durban), Michael Meday (Andrew), Calvin Levels (Jeff), Vanessa Browne (1st Evans twin), Valeria Browne (2nd Evans twin), Rock Walker (Raider), Richard A. Washington (1st fighter), John Ashby (2nd fighter), Doug Hale (Narrator).

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