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Charlie's Angels

john hopkins ivan goldberg

(ABC, 3/21/1976, 90 mins). This was the pilot for the hit TV series that began in September 1976 with three attractive females who work for a very private investigator, a man they have never seen or met, and must use their wiles to con the manager of a vineyard into revealing the whereabouts of the body of his wealthy boss whom he killed years earlier.

Production Company Spelling-Goldberg Productions. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg. Producers Ben Roberts, Ivan Goff. Teleplay Ben Roberts, Ivan Goff. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor Allan Jacobs. Art Director Paul Sylos. Associate Producer Shelley Hull. Costumes Nolan Miller.

Cast Kate Jackson (Sabrina), Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Jill Monroe), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly), David Doyle (John Bosley), David Ogden Stiers (Scott Woodville), Diana Muldaur (Rachel LeMaire), Bo Hopkins (Beau Creel), John Lehne (Henry Bancroft), Tommy Lee Jones (Aram Kolegian), Grant Owens (Wilder), Ken Sansom (Hotel clerk), Daniel Nunez (Miguel), Ron Stein (Hicks), Colette Bertrand (Bathing beauty), Russ Grieve (Sheriff Hopkins), John Forsythe (Voice of Charlie).

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