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The Child Stealer

rodman david production bridges

(ABC, 3/9/1979, 120 mins). In this drama, a young mother (Blair Brown) battles to get her children back after her ex-husband (Beau Bridges) kidnaps them and the law won’t help her in her efforts.

Production Companies The Production Company, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Mel Damski. Executive Producers Franklin R. Levy, Mike Wise. Producer Hugh Benson. Teleplay Sue Milburn. Photography Robert C. Moreno. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor John Farrell. Art Director Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Audrey Blasdel-Goddard.

Cast Beau Bridges (David Rodman), Blair Brown (Jan Rodman), Cristina Raines (Karen), David Groh (Jack Farnham), Eugene Roche (Lew Beck), Marj Dusay (Mrs. Benson), Lauri Hendler (Andrea Rodman), Tracey Gold (Pam Rodman), Lee Wallace (Hoskins), Phillip R. Allen (Gersh), Alan Fudge (Frank Demas), William Bryant (Dan Miller), Robert DoQui (Houghton), Arthur Rosenberg (Jordan), David Burke Rhind (Daniels), Melva Blancett (Betty), Hope Silvestri (Realtor), Marine Olmstead (Manager), Irma Lange (Mrs. Moss), Brenda Elder (Nancy Rout), Helen E. Hintz (School secretary), Barry Gobar, Joe Rainer, Charles A. Haigh.

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