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Christmas Lilies of the Field

maria sister nelson ralph

(NBC, 12/16/1979, 120 mins). This belated sequel to the memorable 1963 theatrical movie, also directed by Ralph Nelson, has jack of all trades Homer Smith (Billy Dee Williams in the original Sidney Poitier role) revisiting the chapel in the Arizona desert he helped build for five German nuns under the supervision of Mother Maria (Maria Schell taking over Lilia Skala’s part) and reluctantly helping them out of a pinch once more.

Production Companies Osmond Television Productions, Rainbow Productions. Director Ralph Nelson. Executive Producer Ralph Nelson. Producers Jack N. Reddish, Toby Martin. Teleplay John McGreevey, Ralph Nelson. Based on Characters Created by William E. Barrett. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Editor O. Nicholas Brown. Art Director Hub Braden.

Cast Billy Dee Williams (Homer Smith), Maria Schell (Mother Maria), Fay Hauser (Janet Owens), Lisa Mann (Sister Gertrude), Hanna Hertelendy (Sister Albetine), Judith Piquet (Sister Agnes), Donna Johnson (Sister Elizabeth), Bob Hastings (Harold Pruitt), Jean Jenkins (Mrs. Constance Everett), Fred Hart (Father Brian Connor), Sam Di Bello (Dr. Mike Robles), Timmy Arnell (Josh), Oliver Nguyen (Trang), Regina ‘Peachy’ Simons (Pokey), Julie Delgado (Felicia), Michael Witt (No Name), Rachel Ward (Jenny), Rachel McDowell (Jane Doe), Danny Zapien (Joseph Owlfeather), Adolfo Flores (Rafael Serrano), John Aspiras (Pima Indian), Steve Sotuyo (Worker).

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