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Christmas Miracle in Caufield, U.S.A.

sullivan john carradine coal

(NBC, 12/26/1977, 120 mins). A dramatic re-creation of the Christmas Eve 1951 coal mine disaster in which union workers, threatened with replacement by scabs, were forced to enter an unsafe mine and then were trapped underground by an explosion. Veteran actor John Carradine is billed, curiously, as John Carradine Sr., for the first time in a career that spans more than 400 film credits. Subsequently titled “The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle.”

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Jud Taylor. Producer Lin Bolen. Teleplay Dalene Young. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Peter Parasheles. Art Director James G. Hulsey.

Cast Mitchell Ryan (Matthew Sullivan), Kurt Russell (Johnny), Andrew Prine (Arthur), John Carradine (Grampa), Barbara Babcock (Rachel Sullivan), Don Porter (Caulfield), Karen Lamm (Matilda Sullivan), Melissa Gilbert (Kelly Sullivan [and narrator]), Bill McKinney (Willie), Shelby Leverington (Carrie), Ross Harris (Tim Sullivan), Robert M. Jeffries (Silas/storekeeper), Stephen Earley (Bob), James McKrell (Clay), Phil Adams (1st rescue member), Sean Fallon Walsh (Bartender), Skip Lundby (Miner).

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