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(ABC, 3/24/1978, 120 mins). A sparkling musical updating to World War II Harlem of the Cinderella story, featuring virtually an all-black cast, with an original score and several twists at the end. Charlaine Woodard and Nell-Ruth Carter later were reunited in the Broadway smash “Ain’t Misbehavin’” for which the latter won the Tony Award.

Production Company John Charles Walters Productions. Director William A. Graham. Producers David Davis, Ed Weinberger, James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels. Teleplay David Davis, Ed Weinberger, James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels. Photography Larry Boelens. Music Stan Daniels. Editors Kenneth R. Koch, Vince Humphrey. Choreographer Donald McKayle. Production Designer James D. Vance. Associate Producer Harry Waterson.

Cast Charlaine Woodard (Cindy), Scoey Mitchlll (Father), Mae Mercer (Sara Hayes/Stepmother), Nell-Ruth Carter (Olive), Alaina Reed (Venus), Cleavant Derricks (Michael Simpson), Clifton Davis (Capt Joe Prince), W. Benson Terry (Miles Archer), John Hancock (Wilcox), Richard Stahl (Recruiter), Noble Willingham (Sergeant), Burke Byrnes (Swearing-in officer), Helen Martin (Flower lady), Graham Brown (Minister), Bill P. Murry (Emcee), Don Dandridge (Military policeman), Spodeooee (Wino), Boyd Bodwell (Recruit), Joseph George (Doctor).

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