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A Circle of Children

maccracken steven mary gethers

(CBS, 3/10/1977, 120 mins). An affluent suburbanite’s life is changed by a demanding challenge as a volunteer at a school for emotionally disturbed children when her own structured existence, stale marriage and now independent college-age daughter no longer provide fulfillment. Steven Gethers’ teleplay earned him an Emmy Award nomination. Based on the 1973 novel by Mary McCracken.

Production Companies Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Don Taylor. Executive Producers Daniel H. Blatt, Edgar J. Scherick. Producer Steven Gethers. Teleplay Steven Gethers. Based on the Novel by Mary MacCracken. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music Nelson Riddle. Theme song by Steven Gethers, Steve Hines. Song Performed by Carmen McRae. Editor Sheldon Kahn. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull. Associate Producer Robin S. Clark.

Cast Jane Alexander (Mary MacCracken), Rachel Roberts (Helga), David Ogden Stiers (Dan Franklin), Nan Martin (Doris Fleming), Matthew Laborteaux (Brian O’Connell), Peter Brandon (Larry MacCracken), Jason Tyler (Chris), Kyle Richards (Sarah Johnson), Susan Pratt (Elizabeth MacCracken), Judy Lewis (Mrs O’Connell), Ray Buktenica (Dr. Marino), Pearl Shear (Mrs Grady), Christopher West (Janie), Nikki Dantine (Betty), William Tregoe (Art dealer).

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