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The City (ABC, 5/17/1971, 120 mins)

robert howard song mayor

(ABC, 5/17/1971, 120 mins). Anthony Quinn’s powerhouse TV-movie debut as a shirt-sleeved mayor in Albuquerque who solves urban as well as personal problems later led him to reprise the role in the brief (1971) series that was retitled “The Man and the City.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director Daniel Petrie. Producer Frank Price. Teleplay Howard Rodman. Photography Jack Marta. Music Billy Goldenberg. Song “Satisfied With You” by Billy Goldenberg, Bobby Russell. Song performed by Bobby Russell. Editors Larry D. Lester, Robert Watts. Art Director Howard E. Johnson.

Cast Anthony Quinn (Mayor Thomas Jefferson Alcala), E.G. Marshall (Sheridan Hugotor), Robert Reed (Sealy Graham), Pat Hingle (Ira Groom), John Larch (Holland Yermo), Kaz Garas (Unknown man), Skye Aubrey (Sabina Menard), Peggy McCay (Mrs Lockney), Lorraine Gary (Victoria Ulysses), Emanuel Smith (Detective Loop), Paul Lees (Detective Kosse), John F. Milholland (Plainclothesman), Jim B. Smith (Ambulance attendant), Sue Ann Carpenter (La La Lajilla), James L. McConkey (Bangi Fox), Marjorie M. Sanford (Virginia Fox), W. Robert Stevens (Bishop Martin Bremend), Scott Britt (Commune Hippie), Doyle Randall, Ed Pennybacker, Phil Mead, Robert McCoy, Judson Ford, Manuel J. Gallegos, Howard R. Kirk, Thomas Dycus, Felicita Jojola, Jose Rey Toledo, Eulojia Rubio, Winona Margery Haury, Ken Dunnagan, James R. Eaton, Bud Conlan, Ross Elder, Ben L. Abruzzo, Belle Abeytia.

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almost 7 years ago

I hope this TV movie will be released on DVD or blu ray inevitably