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The City (NBC, 1/12/1977, 90 mins)

john paul director guard

(NBC, 1/12/1977, 90 mins). A police-drama pilot featuring two Los Angeles cops (Robert Forster and Don Johnson) scouring the city in search of a psychotic with a deadly grudge against a country singer.

Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions, NBC Productions. Director Harvey Hart. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer John Wilder. Teleplay John Wilder. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music John Elizalde. Editors Jim Gross, Ray Daniels. Art Director Herman Zimmerman. Second Unit Director Michael Preece.

Cast Robert Forster (Lt. Matt Lewis), Don Johnson (Sgt. Brian Scott), Ward Costello (Capt Lloyd Bryant), Jimmy Dean (Wes Collins), Mark Hamill (Eugene Banks), Susan Sullivan (Carol Carter), Felton Perry (Dr. Hank Cullen), Leslie Ackerman (Girl at hospital), Paul Cavonis (Burt Frescura), Paul Fix (Jed Haynes), Joby Baker (Mel Greenwall), William Conrad (Narrator), Jay Varela (Ray Vega), George Clifton (Stanley Myles), Vivi Janis (Cab driver), Joaquin Martinez (Rafael Diaz), Paul Bryar (Cashier), Sarah Selby (Woman in tour bus), Eric Server (Uniformed guard), Adam Rich (Donnie Collins), Stephen Parr (Parking lot guard), Adam Hollander (Kenny).

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