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A Clear and Present Danger

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(NBC, 3/21/1970, 120 mins). A U.S. senator’s concerned son takes up the cause against air pollution when an old friend of the family dies of emphysema, and finds himself becoming involved in a senatorial race, joining his father. The first TV movie involving environmental problems, this served as the pilot to “The Senator” element of the rotating series under the umbrella title of “The Bold Ones.” It proved to be too good and a shade too controversial for television (Holbrook, Acker and Eilbacher continued their roles in the series and were joined by Michael Tolan in the role originated by Campanella) and lasted only one season (1970-71), being virtually pressured off the airwaves. Hal Holbrook won an Emmy nomination for his performance in the TV movie and the following year again for his work in the series.

Production Company Universal Television. Director James Goldstone. Producer William Sackheim. Teleplay A.J. Russell, Henri Simoun. Based on a Story by A.J. Russell, S.S. Schweitzer. Photography Bill Butler. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editors Edward A. Biery, Richard M. Sprague. Art Director John J. Lloyd. Associate Producer John Badham.

Cast Hal Holbrook (Hays Stowe), E.G. Marshall (Senator Stowe), Joseph Campanella (Jordan Boyle), Jack Albertson (Dr. Chanute), Pat Hingle (Salem Chase), Sharon Acker (Erin Stowe), James B. Douglas (Howard Eager), Mike Kellin (Professor Duke), Jeff Corey (Beiseker), Bernie Hamilton (House), Michael Bell (Elliot Morse), Cindy Eilbacher (Norma Stowe), Adrienne Marden (Amanda Shamokin), Harry Basch (Health commissioner), Robert Heinz (Preston Gardiner), Marian Collier (Nurse).

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6 months ago

I frequently cite this production, and Quincy, M.E., "Too Clear the Air",(S.7 - Ep.15), whenever the subject of "Anything for the All Mighty Dollar" comes up.
Expect to see much more of same as long as the current administration remains in office.
God bless us all, and God save the U.S.A.