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The Clone Master

john director steve producer

NBC, 9/14/1978, 120 mins). A sci-fi series pilot involving a biochemist, working on a top-secret government project, who clones 13 perfect replicas of himself and sends them forth to fight evil wherever it might exist in the world.

Production Companies Mel Ferber Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Don Medford. Executive Producer Mel Ferber. Producer John D. F. Black. Teleplay John D. F. Black. Photography Joseph Biroc. Music Glenn Paxton. Editor Jerry Young. Art Director Daniel A. Lomino.

Cast Art Hindle (Dr. Simon Shane), Robyn Douglass (Gussie), John Van Dreelen (Salt), Ed Lauter (Bender), Mario Roccuzzo (Harry Tiezer), Ralph Bellamy (Ezra Louthin), Stacy Keach Sr. (Admiral Millus), Lew Brown (Fire Chief), Bill Sorrells (Interviewer), Ken Sansom (Wainer), Robert Karnes (Trankus), Betty Lou Robinson (Alba Toussaint), Vernon Weddle (Pine), Steve Eastin (Huberman), Phillip Pine (Navy Commander Tiler), Kirk Duncan (Brigadier General), lan Sullivan (Pat Singer), Trent Dolan (Executive Assistant Schnerlich), Bonwitt St. Claire (Waitress), James O’Connell (Sands), Steve Ross, Richard Lapp, William Whitaker (Clone Doubles).

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