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Code Name: Diamond Head

paul quinn martin king

(NBC, 5/3/1977, 90 mins). An American undercover agent in Hawaii (Roy Thinnes) duels a master of disguises hired by a foreign power to steal a top secret formula in this unsuccessful pilot for another Quinn Martin TV series.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Jeannot Szwarc. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Paul King. Teleplay Paul King. Photography Jack A. Whitman. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Jim Gross. Art Director George B. Chan.

Cast Roy Thinnes (Johnny Paul), France Nuyen (Tso Tsing), Zulu (Zulu), Ward Costello (Captain MacIntosh), Don Knight (H K Muldoon), Ian McShane (Sean Donavan/Father Horton/Colonel Butler), Eric Braeden (Ernest Graeber), Dennis Patrick (Commander Yarnell), Alex Henteloff (Edward Sherman), Frank Michael Liu (Sakai), Ernest Harada (Hero Yamamoto), Lee Stetson (Tanner), Harry Endo (Dr. En-Ping), Eric Christmas (Father Murphy), Terence Brady, Dan Cicogni, Cynthia Cookinham, Elissa Dulce Hoopai, Brian Fong, Jack Hisatake, Kimo Hugho, Joe Moore, Sam Peters, Ivan Splater, Bill Valentina, Janet Ritchey Wagener, Frederick H Bruns.

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