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Come Back, Little Sheba

fisher olivier laurence william

(NBC, 12/31/1977, 120 mins). The second Laurence Olivier “Tribute to American Theatre” brought to television William Inge’s 1950 play about a sensitive man trying to fight alcoholism and understand his loving but inadequate wife who mourns the disappearance of her youth and her little dog. Originally Robert Mitchum was to have played Doc Delaney in this presentation, mounted around the same time as Olivier’s previous “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Carrie Fisher, the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, made her TV acting debut here.

Production Companies Granada Television, NBC Productions. Director Silvio Narizzano. Executive Producer Derek Granger. Teleplay William Inge. Theme song by Henry Purcell, Michael Lankester. Production Designer Eugene Ferguson. Artistic Producer Laurence Olivier.

Cast Laurence Olivier (Doc Delaney), Joanne Woodward (Lola), Carrie Fisher (Marie), Patience Collier (Mrs. Coffman), Nicholas Campbell (Turk), William Hootkins (Postman), Robert Sherman (Milkman), Sheridan E. Russell (Telegraph boy), Jay Benedict (Brice), Bruce Boa (Ed), Ed Devereaux (Elmo).

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