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The Comedy Company

lee jerry lady peggy

(CBS, 7/21/1978, 120 mins). An ex-comedian (Jack Albertson) fights to keep a failing nightclub alive as a showcase for aspiring young comics. George Burns makes an appearance as himself.

Production Companies Merrit Malloy-Jerry Adler Productions, MGM Television. Director Lee Philips. Executive Producer Jerry Adler. Producer Merrit Malloy. Teleplay Lee Kalcheim. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Tom Scott. Editors Axel Hubert, Gene Mathews. Art Director Robert MacKichan.

Cast Jack Albertson (Barney Bailey), Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Russell Dodd), Herbert Edelman (Lester Dietz), Joyce Van Patten (Ellen Dietz), Susan Sullivan (Linda Greg), Michael Brandon (Paul Lester), Abe Vigoda (Jake), George Burns (Himself), Ernest Emling (Jerry), Jeff Doucette (Red), Howard Hesseman (Roger Dustleman), Don Calfa (Harry Fenner), Ben Fuhrman (Sid Weller), Christopher Roberts (Hickey McDay), Ann Weldon (Reporter), Lindsay V. Jones (1st waitress), Carole Goldman (Hostess), Trish Soodik (Jokie), Peggy Sandvig (Peggy Piano), Lee Stein (Mike), Gertrude Garner (1st lady), Ginger Farrell (2nd lady), Reginald Farmer (Black man), Laurel Barnett (2nd waitress), Jeffrey Richman (Batter), Patti Jerome (Agent), Robert Kino (Client), Johnny Haymer (Haberson), Patrick Laborteaux (Davey Byron), Jeffrey Winner (Charlie), Donald Hotton (Shrink), Judy Thomas (Heckler), John Davey (Cop), Lee Kalcheim (Man), Victor Cesario (Chauffeur).

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