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The Concrete Cowboys

reed singer jerry selleck

CBS, 10/17/1979, 120 mins). Country singer Jerry Reed and Tom Selleck, in his first major role in a made for TV movie (following the miniseries, “The Sacketts”), are a pair of good old boys from Montana who make their way to Nashville, are approached by Morgan Fairchild to help locate her missing sister, an aspiring singer, and find themselves knee deep in an intricate blackmail scheme. Reed starred in the subsequent short-lived series (February-March 1981) with Geoffrey Lewis in the Selleck role.

Production Company Frankel Productions. Director Burt Kennedy. Executive Producer Ernie Frankel. Producer Richard Newton. Teleplay Jimmy Sangster. Photography Alan Stensvold. Music Earle Hagen. Song “Breakin’ Loose” written and performd by Jerry Reed. Editor Art Seid. Art Director James Martin Bachman.

Cast Jerry Reed (J.D. Reed), Tom Selleck (Will Eubanks), Morgan Fairchild (Kate Harper/Clara Wade), Claude Akins (Woody Stone), Lucille Benson (Peg), Gene Evans (Lieutenant Blocker), Randolph Powell (Lonnie Grimes), Roy Acuff (Himself), Barbara Mandrell (Herself), Ray Stevens (Himself), Red West (Chuck), Grace Zabriskie (Meg), Bob Hannah (Barnaby), Joseph Burke (Joe Hatcheck), Seidina Reed (Singer on Cumberland Queen).

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