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Conspiracy of Terror

horowitz kojova david charles

(NBC, 4/10/1975, 90 mins). A husband and wife detective team investigates Satanism in suburbia when not squabbling over visits to his parents, who never forgave him for marrying out of the faith. Pilot to a prospective series.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Charles B. FitzSimmons. Teleplay Howard Rodman. Based on a Book by David Delman. Photography Fred J. Koenekamp. Music Neal Hefti. Editor Rick Wormell. Art Director Ed Graves.

Cast Michael Constantine (Jacob Horowitz), Barbara Rhoades (Helen Horowitz), Mariclare Costello (Barbara Warnall), Roger Perry (Fred Warnall), Logan Ramsey (Mr. Dale), Jon Lormer (Mr. Slate), David Opatoshu (Arthur Horowitz), Jed Allan (David Horowitz), Arlene Martel (Leslie Horowitz), Normann Burton (Lieutenant Rossos), Eric Olson (Roger Logan Gordon), Stewart Moss (Rabbi Sinvale), Ken Sansom (Medical examiner), Paul Bryar (Pawnbroker), Beverly Bremers (Coven member), Paul Smith (Pound supervisor), Murray MacLeod (House buyer), Bruce Kirby Sr. (Sergeant Brisbane), Judie Stein (House buyer), Charles Cooper (Irate driver), John Finnegan (Sergeant Carroll), Shelley Morrison (Mrs. Kojova), Bob Hastings (Mr. Kojova), Ricky Powell (Steve Kojova), Dallas Mitchell (Policeman), Ron Stokes (Coven member).

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