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Cops and Robin

john loren shannon linda

(NBC, 3/28/1978, 120 mins). An aging street cop and his partner, a robot programmed to be the perfect policeman, are assigned to protect the five year old daughter of the widow who witnessed the killing of her police officer husband and now is stalked by the gangster who murdered him. This film, which premiered on NBC, tried to breathe new life into the previous season’s ABC show “Future Cop,” in turn recycled from the 1977 TV movie of that name also with Borgnine, Shannon and Amos.

Production Companies Culzean Corporation, Paramount Network Television. Director Allen Reisner. Executive Producers Anthony Wilson, Gary Damsker. Producer William Kayden. Teleplay Brad Radnitz, Dawning Forsyth, John T. Dugan. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Jerry Young. Art Director Daniel A. Lomino.

Cast Ernest Borgnine (Joe Cleaver), Michael J. Shannon (John Haven), John Amos (Sergeant Bundy), Natasha Ryan (Robin Loren), Carol Lynley (Dr. Alice Acott), Terry Kiser (Wayne Dutton), Philip Abbott (DA Garfield), Richard Bright (Laramie), Jeff David (Jim Loren), James York (Richard), Gene Rutherford (Carl Tyler), J. Kenneth Campbell (Detective Furie), Walter Costello (Dutton’s lawyer), Ivan Bonar (Judge Wheeler), Elizabeth Farley (Marge Loren), Peggy Converse (Housekeeper), Linda Scott (Laura), Linda Gillin (Supermarket checker), Ketty Lester (Secretary).

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