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Corey: For the People

richard stephen morgan hanley

(NBC, 6/12/1977, 90 mins). A lowly assistant DA bucks the system and files capital charges against a socialite in the murder of her doctor-husband, suspecting that she is more than the battered wife killing her spouse in self defense. This was a proposed pilot for a series for legendary pianist Artur Rubinstein’s actor/musician son John.

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer Buzz Kulik. Producer Jay Daniel. Teleplay Alvin Boretz. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Ed Kalehoff. Editor Rita Roland. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Zoltan Muller.

Cast John Rubinstein (Dan Corey), Eugene Roche (DA Patrick Shannon), Wynn Irwin (Det. Phil Gilman), Frank Campanella (Judge Taylor), Ysabel McCloskey (Mollie Schultz), Kip Niven (Andy Hanson), Stephen Pearlman (Nick Wolfe), Joan Pringle (Katie Ryan), Bill Quinn (Justin Milford), Arnold Soboloff (Arnie Finnager), Ann Sweeny (Laura Casey), Lana Wood (Janet Hanley), Ronny Cox (Dr. Paul Hanley), Richard Venture (Spence Holland), Carol Rossen (Harriet Morgan), Stephen Burleigh (Sam Myers), Deborah Ryan (Judy Corey), Pitt Herbert (Judge Stone), Betty Carvalho (Gloria), Bob Gunner (Dr. Richard Morgan), Harvey J. Goldberg (Saunders), Ernest Martin, Vivian Farren, Robert Phalen, Al Stephens Scaglione, Gavin Mooney, Joe Petrullo, Barbara Simpson, Cherylane Lee, Jamie Daniel, Richard Alarian, Carol Reiter, Frank Birney.

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