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The Count of Monte Cristo

richard dantes director villefort

(NBC, 1/10/1975, 120 mins). A sumptuous new version of the adventure classic that already had been filmed more than a dozen times. Louis Jourdan, who plays DeVillefort this time, was Edmond Dantes in the 1961 adaptation. Both Richard Chamberlain and Trevor Howard won Emmy Award nominations for their performances.

Production Companies Rosemont Productions, ITC Entertainment Group. Director David Greene. Producer Norman Rosemont. Teleplay Sidney Carroll. Based on the Novel by Alexandre Dumas. Photography Aldo Tonti. Music Allyn Ferguson. Editors Bill Blunden, Gene Milford. Art Director Andrew Patriarca. Production Executive Richard McWhorter.

Cast Richard Chamberlain (Edmond Dantes), Tony Curtis (Mondego), Trevor Howard (Abbe Faria), Louis Jourdan (DeVillefort), Donald Pleasence (Danglars), Taryn Power (Valentine De Villefort), Kate Nelligan (Mercedes), Angelo Infanti (Jacopo), Harold Bromley (M. Morrell), Carlo Puri (Andrea Benedetto), Alessio Orlando (Caderousse), Dominic Guard (Albert Mondego), Isabelle De Valvert (Haydee), Ralph Michael (M. Dantes), Anthony Dawson (Noirtier De Villefort), Dominic Barto (Bertuccio), Harry Baird (Ali), George Willing (Andre Morrell), David Mills (Girard), John Karlsen, Bill Vanders, Eddy Fay, Marco Tulli, Brian Vreeland, Troy Patterson, Gino Marturano, Lou Waldon, Franco Mazzieri, Ciro Ellias, Loris Perera, Albert Ruprecht, Renzo Marignano, Jean Mas, Andrea Fantasia, Lars Bloch, Richard Watson, George Higgins, Piero Gerlini, Michael Colton, Bondi Esterhazy.

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