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Cover Girls

james paul bodyguard 1st

(NBC, 5/18/1977, 90 mins). A road company “Charlie’s Angels” that never made it to a series format, featuring here a pair of high fashion models who combine photo assignments around the world with working as espionage agents.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Jerry London. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producers Charles B. FitzSimmons, Mark Rodgers. Teleplay Mark Rodgers. Photography William K. Jurgensen. Music Richard Shores. Editors Arthur D. Hilton, Stanley Wohlberg. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Robert Peterson. Costume Designer Grady Hunt.

Cast Jayne Kennedy (Monique Lawrence), Cornelia Sharpe (Linda Allen), Don Galloway (James Andrews), Vince Edwards (Bradner), Michael Baseleon (Paul Richards), Deveren Bookwalter (Karl), Jerry Douglas (Fritz Porter), Sean Garrison (Sven), Don Johnson (Johnny Wilson), George Lazenby (Michael), Bill Overton (Football player), Ellen Travolta (Photographer), Erik Holland (1st bodyguard), Paul Dumont (Georg), Maurice Marsac (Mireau), James Almanear (Hans), Todd Martin (3rd bodyguard), Lenore Stevens (Maria), Fritzi Burr (1st seamstress), June Whitley Taylor (2nd seamstress), Peter Gunnean (French detective), Brian Baker (Uniform sergeant), Kieu Chinh (Chinese model), Ben Frommer (Tourist in bus), Carolyn Brand (Girl singer), Bob Hastings (Doorman).

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