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Crisis in Sun Valley

deputy mike paul films

(NBC, 3/29/1978, 120 mins). In another unrealized go at a series called “Stedman,” dealing with a sheriff and his deputy in a sleepy ski town, this follow-up to “The Deadly Triangle” (1977) tied together two pilot films in which Stedman and Sykes contend with a group of urbanites planning a dangerous mountain climb and then investigate sabotage in a condominium development.

Production Companies Barry Weitz Films, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Paul Stanley. Executive Producer Barry Weitz. Producer Robert Stambler. Teleplay “The Vanishing Kind” Alvin Boretz. Teleplay “Outward Bound” Carl Gottlieb. Photography Al Francis. Music Dick DeBenedictis. Editors Gregory Prange, Mike Vejar. Art Director Ross Bellah.

Cast Dale Robinette (Sheriff Bill Stedman), Taylor Lacher (Deputy Archie Sykes), Bo Hopkins (Buchanan), Tracy Brooks Swope (Sheila), Paul Brinegar (Poole), Jason Johnson (Derry), John McIntire (Hubbard), Ken Swofford (Thorndike), Susan Adams (Eva), Charles Fleischer (Shuyler), Larry Jenkins (Lester), Julie Parsons (Jenny), Max Kleven (Adler), Tony Jefferson (Scott), Deborah Winters (Sandy), Wayne Heffley (Baker), Grant Owens (Reynolds), Mark Simeon (Michael), Mike Hoover (Mike), Lorraine Curtis (Marie), Mickey Livingston (Deputy Hank), Bill Quinn (Deputy Willard), Beverly Johnson (Beverly), Paul Ramlow (Ed), Mike Susak (Workman), Tom Drougas (Construction worker), Niall MacGinnis (James), Lori Hughes (Anne), Marcia Stringer (Hazel).

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