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The Critical List

mcneely jerry director robert

(NBC, 9/11/1978 and 9/12/1978, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). Two two-hour pilot films are strung together here in which a hospital director in line for a federal cabinet post first finds that his private life may jeopardize the opportunity and then discovers himself in the middle of a scandal involving stolen federal health funds. Based on the novels “Skeleton” and “The Critical List” by Dr. Marshall Goldberg.

Production Company MTM Enterprises. Director Lou Antonio. Producer Jerry McNeely. Teleplay Jerry McNeely. Based on Novels by Marshall Goldberg. Photography Charles Correll. Music James DiPasquale. Editor Jerrold L. Ludwig. Art Director Richard Berger.

Cast Lloyd Bridges (Dr. Dan J. Lassiter), Melinda Dillon (Dr. Kris Lassiter), Buddy Ebsen (Charles Sprague), Barbara Parkins (Angela Adams), Robert Wagner (Dr. Nick Sloan), Ken Howard (Nels Freiberg), Lin McCarthy (Ned Josephson), James Whitmore Jr. (Dr. Jack Hermanson), Robert Hogan (Jordon Donnelly), Scott Marlowe (Dr. Albert Dubron), Felton Perry (Lawrence Harrison), Pat Harrington Jr. (Jimmy Regosi), Louis Gossett Jr. (Lem Harper), Richard Basehart (Matt Kinsella), Ben Piazza (Dr. Henry de Jong), Joanne Linville (Nan Forrester), Eugene Peterson (Sidney Hammond), Jim Antonio (Detweiler), John Larch (Sprony), Brad David (Andrew Vivienne), Wright King (Dr. Kenderly), Joan Tompkins (Judge Susannah Morton), Noble Willingham (Charlie), Mel Gallagher (Mike Bednarik), Sybil Scotford (Joanne Larwin), Will Hare (Edgar Emmonds/wino), Russ Marin (Ed Moorehead), Hildy Brooks (Ruth), Regis J. Cordic (Chairman), Steven Gravers (Senator), Jesse Dizon (Intern Baker), Wayne Heffley (Sheriff), George Reynolds (Andy Simms), John Patlock (Ferris), Janice Karman (Cathy), Walt Davis, Lionel Decker, Robert Kya-Hill, Colleen Kelly, Ray Oliver, Ron Trice, Hanna Hertelendy, Jerry McNeely, George Boyd, Marilyn Coleman, Bryan Clark.

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