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Cry Rape!

officer coleman paul leonard

(CBS, 11/27/1973, 90 mins). A candid drama that examines the effects of rape on both the victim and the accused as well as their families and acquaintances.

Production Company Leonard Freeman Productions. Director Corey Allen. Executive Producer Leonard Freeman. Producer Will Lorin. Teleplay Will Lorin. Based on a Story by Leonard Freeman, Will Lorin. Photography Jack Woolf. Editor Jack Gleason. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Andrea Marcovicci (Betty Jenner), Peter Coffield (Andy Coleman), Greg Mullavey (Liam Price), Joseph Sirola (Detective Sloane), Lesley Woods (Mrs. Coleman), Patricia Mattick (Jenny Coleman), James Luisi (Detective Kroger), Robert Hogan (Jim Bryan), Jana Bellan (Janie Warren), Howard Platt (Ben Warren), Paul Comi (District Attorney Ritchie), Richard Evans (Dr. Lang), George Murdock (John Curzon), Lawrence Bame (Officer Hill), Lew Horn (Sam Lesinski), Whit Bissell (Judge Newcombe), Frank Maxwell (Thomas Kirby), Hazel Medina (Louise Jennings), Anne Anderson (Hilda Brownlee), Joby Baker (Jerry Cohen), Paul Mantee (Jim Hadley), Carol Lawson (Susan Hadley), Frank Farmer (Ken Javits), Kenneth Washington (Marshall), Barbara George (Mrs. Keeler), Paul Lichtman (Typist), Richard Gittings (Solitary man), Willard Gage (Judge Howell), Sandra Balson (Mrs. Lewis), Don Eitner (Officer Malko), Tony DiMilo (Officer Durham), Anthony Costello (Officer Riley), Phillip Pine (Bail bondsman), Carlyn Jonathan (Charge nurse).

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