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Cutter's Trail

john mexican avila bowen

(CBS, 2/10/1970, 90 mins). A formula Western about a U.S. marshal (John Gavin, who later gave up acting to become U.S. Ambassador to Mexico) who finds his town nearly destroyed by Mexican bandits during his absence and vows to track down the desperadoes in their home territory—with the help of a young Mexican mother and her son. Reversing the usual process, this film premiered as a 90-minute movie and subsequently was shown as a two-hour hoss opera.

Production Company CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Vincent McEveety. Producer John Mantley. Teleplay Paul Savage. Photography Richard Batcheller. Music John Parker. Editor Howard Smith. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast John Gavin (Ben Cutter), Manuel Padilla Jr. (Paco Avila), Marisa Pavan (Amelita Avila), Beverly Garland (Maggie Collyer), Joseph Cotten (General Spalding), Nehemiah Persoff (Santillo), J. Carrol Naish (Froteras), Shug Fisher (Tuttle), Ken Page 46  Swofford (Clay Wooten), Victor French (Alex Bowen), Robert Random (Kyle Bowen), Robert Totten (Thatcher), Tom Brown (Orville Mason), Steve Folk, Rodolfo Hoyos.

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