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The D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill

robert conrad morgan dehaven

(NBC, 1/11/1971, 120 mins). This was the sequel to “The D.A.: Murder One” (1969) and the second pilot for the short-lived series “The D.A.” (1971-72) that starred Robert Conrad, Harry Morgan, Julie Cobb and Ned Romero.

Production Companies Mark VII Ltd., Universal Television. Director Paul Krasny. Producer Robert H. Forward. Teleplay Stanford Whitmore. Photography Alric Edens. Music Frank Comstock. Editor Richard M. Sprague, Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director Arch Bacon.

Cast Robert Conrad (Deputy DA Paul Ryan), William Conrad (Chief Vincent Kovac), Belinda Montgomery (Luanne Gibson), Don Stroud (Thomas Bertrand), Steve Ihnat (James Fletcher), Armando Silvestre (Robert Ramirez), Linda Marsh (Rochelle DeHaven), Roger Perry (Attorney Stevens), Leslie Parrish (Ramona Bertrand), Michael Strong (Arthur DeHaven), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Martha Grimes), Tom Geas (Ray Shadlock), Virginia Gregg (Judge Virginia Adamson), Thomas Huff (Walter Gibson), Olan Soule (Dr. Samuels), Stacy Harris (Dr. Leonard), James McEachin (Eddie Jewel), Morgan Sterne (Sergent Webster), Lew Brown (Pullman), William Wintersole, Ray Ballard, Joe E Tata, Sonja Dunson, Arthur Balinger, Arleen Starr, Ron Cavallo, Dick Congey, Dallas Mitchell, David Tyrone, Andrew MacHeath, Larry Levine, Don Edwards, Ralph Gambina, Cisco Andrade.

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