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The D.A.: Murder One

producer romero harold robert

(NBC, 12/8/1969, 120 mins). A deputy district attorney shows up his supervisors by proving that an attractive nurse has murdered her rich husbands and relatives through insulin overdoses. This was the pilot for the subsequent series (1971-72) that starred Robert Conrad, who wasjoined in it by Harry Morgan, Julie Cobb (Lee J.’s daughter) and Ned Romero as regulars.

Production Companies Mark VII Ltd., Universal Television. Director Boris Sagal. Executive Producer Robert H. Forward. Producer Harold Jack Bloom. Teleplay Harold Jack Bloom. Photography Alric Edens. Music Frank Comstock. Editor Tony Martinelli. Art Director George C. Webb. Associate Producer Edward K. Dodds.

Cast Howard Duff (DA Lynn Compton), Diane Baker (Mary Brokaw), J D Cannon (Nicholas Devaney), Gerald S. O’Loughlin (Andrushian), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Stuart), Scott Brady (Cherniss), Carlos Romero (Ramirez), Dana Elcar (Dr. Enright), David Opatoshu (Dr. Grainger), Patric Knowles (Charles Lloyd), Alan Hewitt (Judge Tanner), Fredricka Myers (Vee Ryan), Chuck Daniel (Larry Triplett), Ford Rainey (Dr. Ellis Anders), Dean Harens (Judge Skinner).

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