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Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This

boy burt aldrich gang

(CBS, 7/12/1978, 120 mins). The unfulfilled dreams of his parents and the tensions created at home cause life to become a nightmare for a youngster who seeks release in a withdrawal to his own world. Gruff actor Burt Young (an Oscar nominee for “Rocky”) wrote the story with a starring role for himself, and Adell Aldrich, the daughter of director Robert Aldrich, made her TV directing debut here. Look for future Hollywood star Melanie Griffith in a tiny role.

Production Company CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Adell Aldrich. Executive Producer Merrit Malloy. Producer Jay Daniel. Teleplay Burt Young. Photography Donald M. Morgan. Music David Shire. Editor John W. Holmes. Art Directors Albert Heschong, David Jenkins.

Cast Talia Shire (Carol Agnelli), Burt Young (Rocco Agnelli), Doug McKeon (Peter), Erica Yohn (Margaret), Tresa Hughes (Sister Theresa), Bobby Cassidy (Michael), Melanie Griffith (Girl in hotel room), Jamie Aff (Tommy), Constance McCashin (Marge), Lee Weaver (Bob), Beverly May (Mother Superior), Frank Robles (Store owner), Morton Lewin (Morty), Jessica James (Mill worker), John Wylie (Florist), Raymond J. Barry (Tony), Vicky Perry (Jennifer), Diane Stilwell (Alice), Clinton Allmon (Milkman), Jennifer Cooke (Helen), Bob Mora (Joey), Wayne Harding (Johnny), Adam Monti (Giovanni), Susie Cebulski (Juanita), Mathew Anton (1st boy), Chris Langer (1st girl), Shawn Firtell (1st gang boy), G Adam Gifford (2nd gang boy), Eric Ohanian (3rd gang boy), Larry Silvestri (Giovanni’s friend), Brendan Ward (Class child).

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over 2 years ago

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid. I would like to really find a copy of it. If there is anyone out there that knows where a copy of this can be had please let me know.

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5 months ago

Hey everybody- I have been looking for this movie for years. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please let me know. Thank you so much.