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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

hamner aubrey producer texi

(ABC, 1/14/1979, 120 mins). To salvage his job and the circulation of his magazine, an editor decides to publish an expose revealing the inside story of the famed cheerleading squad and plants his reporter/girlfriend among the girls. This was the highest rated TV movie for the 1978-79 season.

Production Company Aubrey-Hamner Productions. Director Bruce Bilson. Executive Producers James T. Aubrey, Robert Hamner. Producer Bruce Bilson. Teleplay Robert Hamner. Photography Don H. Birnkrant. Music Jimmie Haskell. Choreographer Texi Waterman. Editor Ira Haymann. Art Director Ray Beal. Associate Producer Jack Leewood.

Cast Jane Seymour (Laura Cole), Laraine Stephens (Suzanne Mitchell), Bert Convy (Lyman Spencer), Pamela Susan Shoop (Betty Denton), Ellen Bry (Joanne Vail), Jenifer Shaw (Kim Everly), Kathrine Baumann (Ginny O’Neill), Lauren Tewes (Jessie Mathews), Bucky Dent (Kyle Jessop), Terry Cook (J.R. Denton), Texi Waterman (Herself), Ron Chapman (Himself), Jerri Mote (Herself), Irma P. Hall (Dora), Gavin Troster (Frank Rand), Harlan Jordan (Tyler), Randy Moore (Tom), Jaki Morrison (Mary Lou), Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (Themselves).

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