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The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

constantine director penrose robert

(NBC, 1/23/1978 and 1/24/1978, 2 Parts, 180/120 mins, 5 hours). Two-part suspense drama, adapted from actor-turned-author Tom Tryon’s best-selling 1973 novel “Harvest Home,” chronicling the events that beset a New York commercial artist when he and his wife and daughter move to a rustic New England village they visited during their travels, only to find a ritualistic lifestyle full of foreboding secrets. Costumer Bill Jobe was Emmy Award-nominated for his creations. The director was one-time actor Leo Penn, father of actors Sean and Chris.

Production Companies Universal Television, NBC Productions. Director Leo Penn. Producer Jack Laird. Teleplay (Part 1) Jack Guss. Teleplay (Part 2) Charles Israel. Based on a Novel by Thomas Tryon. Adapted by James M. Miller, Jennifer Miller. Photography Charles Correll, Frank Phillips, Ken Dickson. Music Paul Chihara. Editors Robert F. Shugrue, Robert Watts. Art Director Phil Barber.

Cast Bette Davis (Widow Fortune), David Ackroyd (Nick Constantine), Rosanna Arquette (Kate Constantine), René Auberjonois (Jack Stump), John Calvin (Justin Hooke), Norman Lloyd (Amys Penrose), Linda Marsh (Maggie Dodd), Joanna Miles (Beth Constantine), Michael O’Keefe (Worthy Pettinger), Richard Venture (Morgan), Laurie Prange (Sophie Hooke), Lina Raymond (Tamar Penrose), Tracey Gold (Missy Penrose), Michael Durrell (Ty Harth), Dick Durock (Roy Soakes), Stephen Joyce (Robert Dodd), Stephen Gustafson (Jimmy Minerva), Phoebe Alexander (Mrs. Bucklley), Bill Balhatchet (Fred Minerva), Kathleen Howland (Asra Minerva), John Daheim (Old Man Soakes), Lori Elsie Pounder Street (Elsie Pounder), Martin Shakar (David Adwell), Grayce Grant (Mrs. Pettinger), Donald Pleasence (Narrator).

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