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The Dark Side of Innocence

hancock breton kim family

(NBC, 5/20/1976, 120 mins). A drama involving three generations of a family in middle-class suburbia: an affluent housewife who feels that life is passing her by, the daughter she embitters by walking out on the family, and the mother whose traditional values are shaken by the woman’s divorce. This was a pilot for a prospective series that never made the cut.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Jerry Thorpe. Executive Producer Jerry Thorpe. Producer Philip Mandelker. Teleplay Barbara Turner. Photography Charles G. Arnold. Music Peter Matz. Editors Jack Harnish, Neil Travis. Art Director Phil Jefferies.

Cast Joanna Pettet (Jesse Breton), Anne Archer (Nora Hancock Mulligan), John Anderson (Stephen Hancock), Kim Hunter (Kathleen Hancock), Lawrence Casey (Skip Breton), Gail Strickland (Heather), Claudette Nevins (Maggie Hancock), Robert Sampson (Jason Hancock), James Houghton (Dennis Hancock), Ethelinn Block (Rebecca Hancock), Denise Nickerson (Gabriela Hancock), Dennis Bowen (Michael Hancock), Kristopher Marquis (Rodney Breton), Tiger Williams (Kim Breton), Shane Butterworth (Topher Mulligan), Geoffrey Scott (Tony).

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