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The Darker Side of Terror

shaner john associate ramrus

(CBS, 4/3/1979, 120 mins). A psychological thriller about a research biologist who, angered when an associate is given a position over him based on stolen research findings, agrees to assist his former professor in a cloning experiment in which a duplicate of himself is created and which then, with a mind and will of its own, falls in love with the biologist’s wife.

Production Companies Bob Banner Associates, Shaner Ramus Productions. Director Gus Trikonis. Executive Producer Bob Banner. Producers Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaner. Teleplay Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaner. Photography Donald M. Morgan. Music Paul Chihara. Editor Ann Mills. Art Director William Sandell. Associate Producer Clyde Phillips. Titles Phill Norman.

Cast Robert Forster (Prof. Paul Corwin/The Clone), Adrienne Barbeau (Margaret Corwin), Ray Milland (Professor Meredith), David Sheiner (Prof. Sidney Hillstrom), John Lehne (Lieutenant Merholz), Denise DuBarry (Ann Sweeney), Jack DeMave (Roger), Thomas Bellin (Ed Linnick), Heather Hobbs (Jenny), Eddie Quillan (Watchman), Raye Sheffield (Clone), Russell Shannon (Guard), Jim Nolan (Dr. Tapler), Madeleine Shaner (Audrey Linnick), Johnny Hock (1st skater), Tom Elliott (2nd skater).

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