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Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway

song karlin cramer anne

(NBC, 9/27/1976, 120 mins). In this controversial (at the time) drama, the 15 year old daughter of a cocktail waitress goes to the big city to become a prostitute when she can’t find legitimate work.

Production Companies Douglas S. Cramer Productions, NBC Productions. Director Randal Kleiser. Producer Douglas S. Cramer. Teleplay Dalene Young. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Fred Karlin. Song “Cherry Bomb” by Joan Jett, Kim Fowley. Song “Comin’ Home Again” by Fred Karlin, Meg Karlin. Song “Cherry Bomb” performed by The Runaways. Song “Comin’ Home Again” performed by Shaun Cassidy. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director James G. Hulsey. Associate Producer Wilford Lloyd Baumes.

Cast Eve Plumb (Dawn Wetherby), Leigh J. McCloskey (Alexander), Lynn Carlin (Dawn’s Mother), William Schallert (Harry), Anne Seymour (Counterwoman), Joan Prather (Susie), Marguerite DeLain (Frankie Lee), Bo Hopkins (Swan), Georg Stanford Brown (Donald Umber), David Knapp (Dr. Roberts), Stephanie Burchfield (Randy), Kaaren Ragland (Melba), Anne Ramsay (Librarian), Paul Bryar (Counterman), Queenie Smith (Old woman), Paul Sorensen (Police sergeant), David Terhune (Tom), Brad Trumbull (Man), John Rose (Salesman), Romo Vincent (Fat man), Sylvia Anderson (Sumi).

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