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Dead Men Tell No Tales

riley roos kelley william

(CBS, 12/17/1971, 90 mins). A chase thriller that has a travel photographer (played by Christopher George) finding himself the quarry of paid assassins who have mistaken him for somebody else. Based on the novel by Kelley Roos, pseudonym for husband and wife mystery writers Audrey Kelley and William Roos.

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Walter Grauman. Executive Producer Walter Grauman. Producer William Kayden. Teleplay Robert Dozier. Based on the Novel by Kelley Roos. Photography Jack Woolf. Music Robert Drasnin. Editor Charles Freeman. Art Director Merrill Pye.

Cast Christopher George (Larry Towers), Judy Carne (Midge Taylor), Patricia Barry (Lisa Martin), Richard Anderson (Tom Austin), Larry D. Mann (Sam Mirakian), Kevin Hagen (Karl), Joan Shawlee (Polly Grant), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Mike Carter), Fred Sadoff (Sergeant Corso), Eric Sinclair (Alan), Michael Lookinland (Bud Riley), Judith Hart (Mrs. Riley), Ella Raino Edwards (Mrs. Carter), Len Wayland (Darrow), Bill Quinn (Bartender), Richard O’Brien (Mr. Riley), John Dennis (Mack), Lorna Thayer (Suntan lady).

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