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The Deadliest Season

miller producer tom alan

(CBS, 3/16/1977, 120 mins). A professional hockey player (Michael Moriarty), compelled by his drive to succeed and by financial pressures to adopt a more aggressive playing style, gets involved with violence on the ice, resulting in the death of a player and a manslaughter charge against him.

Production Company Titus Productions. Director Robert Markowitz. Executive Producer Herbert Brodkin. Producer Robert ‘Buzz’ Berger. Teleplay Ernest Kinoy. Based on a Story by Ernest Kinoy, Tom King. Photography Alan Metzger. Music Dick Hyman. Editor Stephen A. Rotter. Art Director Richard Bianchi. Associate Producer Thomas DeWolfe.

Cast Michael Moriarty (Gerry Miller), Kevin Conway (George Graff), Sully Boyar (Tom Feeney), Jill Eikenberry (Carole Eskanazi), Walter McGinn (DA Horace Meade), Meryl Streep (Sharon Miller), Andrew Duggan (Al Miller), Patrick O’Neal (Bertram Fowler), Paul D’Amato (Dave Eskanazi), Mason Adams (Bill Cairns), Mel Boudrot (Coach Bryant), Tom Quinn (Trainer Doyle), Ron Weyand (Judge Reinhardt), Dino Narrizano (Referee Merritt), George O Petrie (President MacCloud), Eddie Moran (Eddie Miller), Frank Bongiorno (Rene Beavois), Rudy Hornish (Waiter), Alan North (Detective Forscher), Ian Stuart (Jury Foreman).

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