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Deadly Game

lane producer slate abel

(NBC, 12/3/1977, 120 mins). The second Andy Griffith/Abel Marsh pilot film, sequel to “The Girl in the Empty Grave” (1977), deals with a military conspiracy surrounding the destruction and scandal caused by chemical spillage from an army tanker truck.

Production Company MGM Television. Director Lane Slate. Executive Producer Richard O. Linke. Producer Gordon A. Webb. Supervising Producer Lane Slate. Teleplay Lane Slate. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music Mundell Lowe. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director Leon R. Harris.

Cast Andy Griffith (Abel Marsh), Mitzi Hoag (Gloria), James Cromwell (Malcolm Rossiter Jr.), Claude Earl Jones (Deputy Fred), Sharon Spelman (“Doc” Susan Glascow), Hunter Von Leer (Deputy John), Dan O’Herlihy (Col. Edward Stryker), Rebecca Balding (Amy Franklin), Eddie Foy Jr. (Carter), Fran Ryan (Frieda Beasley), Med Flory (Sergeant Redman), John Perak (Jake), Steffen Zacharias (Vernon Brea), Ysabel McCloskey (Emma), Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Polly), Morgan Woodward (General Olsen), Ted Noose (Goldstone), O.W. Tuthill (Corporal), Christopher Tenney (Jeff), Ellen Blake (Barkeep), Bill McLean (Whit), Chuck Gradi (Tiny).

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