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Deadman's Curve

berry jan dean art

CBS, 2/3/1978, 120 mins). A movie biography based on the meteoric careers of Jan and Dean, the popular singing duo of the late 1950s and 1960s who immortalized the day’s California surfing sound, and the tragic auto accident in 1966 that ended their rise when Jan Berry was nearly killed and was hospitalized, either comatose or severely crippled, for more than three years.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director Richard Compton. Executive Producers Roger Gimbel, Tony Converse. Producer Pat Rooney. Teleplay Dalene Young. Based on an Article by Paul Morantz. Photography William H. Cronjager. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Aaron Stell. Art Director Herman Zimmerman. Associate Producer Jacob Zilberg.

Cast Richard Hatch (Jan Berry), Bruce Davison (Dean Torrence), Pamela Bellwood (Annie), Floy Dean (Dr. Vivian Sheehan), Denise DuBarry (Susan), Priscilla Cory (Linda), Kelly Ward (Billy), Eddie Benton (Nancy), George Wallace (Mr. Berry), June Dayton (Mrs. Berry), Dick Clark (Himself), Wolfman Jack (The Jackal), Hank Brandt (Mr. Torrence), Susan Sullivan (Rainbow), Mike Love (Himself), Bruce Johnston (Himself), David Byrd (Surgeon), Art Bradford (Army sergeant), Leonard Stone (Herb Alpert), James Oliver (Engineer), Noah Keen (Jim Arlett), Vicki McLean (Caroline), Inga Neilson (Kathy), Charles Pitt (Soldier), Art Koulias (Freddie).

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