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Death Car on the Freeway

needham hal director dinah

(CBS, 9/25/1979, 120 mins). Model turned Charlie’s Angel Shelley Hack is a determined TV reporter out to find a maniac who is methodically attacking lone women drivers on the Los Angeles Freeway by pushing them off the road with his powerful van. A number of familiar TV stars (including Dinah Shore, in her “dramatic” TV debut) turn up in this “car” movie directed by stuntman-turned-director Hal Needham.

Production Company The Shpetner Company. Director Hal Needham. Producer Stan Shpetner. Teleplay William Wood. Photography Bobby Byrne. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Frank Morriss. Art Director Hilyard Brown.

Cast Shelley Hack (Janette Clausen), George Hamilton (Ray Jeffries), Frank Gorshin (Ralph Candler), Peter Graves (Lieutenant Haller), Harriet Nelson (Mrs. Sheel), Barbara Rush (Rosemary), Dinah Shore (Lynn Bernheimer), Abe Vigoda (Mr. Frisch), Alfie Wise (Ace Durham), Tara Buckman (Jane Guston), Morgan Brittany (Becky Lyons), Robert F. Lyons (Barry Hill), Nancy Stephens (Christine), Gloria Stroock (Dr. Rita Glass), Hal Needham (Blanchard), Jack Collins (Bobby), Roger Aaron Brown (Eddie), Sid Haig (Maurie).

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